Chapiteau location, why Georgia
and what we are planning to create here
In our plan we will have a village with authentic wooden Georgian houses, a tree house village, old coaches
and narrow-gauge train carriages, an organic farm and a garden, a restaurant, workshops, art space and so much more.

You can come here to immerse yourself in co-creation and feel the sense of belonging, enjoy outdoor recreation, hone new skills, meet positive people, fulfill your creativity and become part of the community.
You can come here to immerse yourself in co-creation and feel the sense of belonging, enjoy outdoor recreation, hone new skills, meet positive people, fulfill your creativity and become part of the community.
Beautiful, welcoming, cheap and warm;

During the last 7 years, the local tourism sector has shown 20% annual growth. In 2017 over 7.5 mln tourists visited this country. More tourists start coming from Europe, Israel, and North America.

We enjoy the opportunity to start an international project while keeping in touch with the audience that already knows us. We love Georgia and we want to make a meaningful project in
this hospitable country.
Why Chapiteau
Chapiteau is like an enchanted hat from Georgian fairytales, a magic table cloth or a golden fish.

Imagine a whimsical circus coming here out of the blue, performing merry tricks. In the blink of an eye, voilà – old wooden Georgian houses, walkways, vegetable garden and a farm, pavilions and tents, camper vans, a restaurant, workshops, a narrow-gauge railway, a fairytale forest – appear in front of us, as if by magic.

We believe that falling back into childhood is wonderful – especially if you have ever fallen out of it
Anyone can stay at this wonderful place and watch a cucumber growing (and eat it later), make a mug out of clay, bake artisanal bread. Come here to try tasty local food, ride a horse to discover mountain lakes and experience limitless activities.

what we have already done
Started living on the land in November, 2019
Attracted almost USD 200 000 of investment
Registered a joint-stock company
Paid USD 50 000 advance payment for the land
Have USD 150 000 left till September, 2021
Established an organic farm on ½ ha,
with 750 tomato plants & lots more
Built a water tower and bought a drip watering pump
Built two green houses
Built four wooden mini country houses
Repaired the restaurant building and dorms on the second floor
Repaired toilet, shower, a village
house and a small house
Constructed a building (35% completed) with 3 showers, 3 toilets, 1 laundry, solar heating and
an eco-septic tank
Set up a workshop and bought tons of tools
Set a temporary 900m long fence
Built a chicken coop and keep hens
Hosted, cured and fed 15 dogs;
gave away 5 of them
Keep a donkey
Hosted more than 150 volunteers from 25 countries
Rewired the territory and arranged strip lighting
Bought a car and a cultivator
Bought lots of furniture and vintage items
Arranged outdoor kitchen with a tandoor oven
Welcomed many-many guests and organized around 50 unique experiences: parties, trivia
games, exhibitions, movie nights and picnics
Counted and photographed 300 trees (1700 left)
Identified 128 different organisms on our territory
Ploughed the field to make a garden
Cooked 900 meals for 10-30 people
Attracted 4K followers on Instagram, 1.3K on Facebook and Telegram
Failed 1000 times – and started all over again
Developed our own online store for trees, days and other items together with our IT-team
The estimated construction cost of the entire project is $3.8 million. More than $500,000 invested in the project from 200+ people
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where is it
Our land is situated in the north-east of Kakheti in Lagodekhi protected area, close to Kveda Pona village.

12 hectares
140 km from Tbilisi,
2:30 hours on route
Subtropical / Continental
Winter temperature averages -10 / +8
Summer temperature averages +22 / +38
Mountains, rivers, waterfalls
You will find marvelous trees, a twisty river and splashing springs resounding with the
songs of birds. We have 7 ha of forest and 5 ha of fields. A national park with waterfalls, rivers,
and mountain lakes is located in close proximity, and a breathtaking view on the Caucasus
mountains opens up in front of you.

You can enjoy above-zero temperature almost all year round. It takes two hours to reach us from
Tbilisi, following a picturesque route while crossing the Alazani valley and visiting interesting places on the way.
we want to learn to take care of territories and naturally integrate into the environment and local community
What we are planning to create here
where people will live
co-living, time share, hotel
7 Teepee Houses
With shower, veranda, bedroom, loft bed, kitchen. From "Cosmos Bureau"
30 stone houses with towers
A mix of Georgian architecture and modern design
16 author houses
by different architects.
5 vans
and 4 coupes
old refurbished buses
and cars of the narrow gauge train
8 circus-tents
From "Cosmos Bureau"
5 A-frames
tiny a-frames with their own terrace
  • reception/store
  • organic farm
  • 2 event halls
  • coworking
  • restaurant
  • workshops
  • Kids area
  • exhibition space
  • eco projects
  • Household buildings
  • Fairytale forest
  • Walkways-bridges-lanterns
House Projects
We already have several ready-made house projects from different studios.
  1. A walking house. Cosmos Architectural Office
  2. Tipi. Cosmos Architectural Bureau
  3. Solitude Tower. Pravda Architectural Bureau
  4. Hedonism Cave. Pravda Architectural Bureau
  5. A reference of the stone towers with panoramic views that we want to build.

We plan to work with international architectural studios so that our forest will be filled with unusual author's projects and will be a museum of architecture.
Co-living concept suits the guests who plan to spend much time in the Kingdom and would like
to purchase 182 eternal days a year or more.

We will set a village with authentic Georgian houses that we will rebuild and refurbish on our big field. It will be a cozy living space in the midst of fruit trees. You can book a homestead of your choice, tailoring it to your needs and keeping your belongings there.

We do not sell private property, however you will become a shareholder, obtaining a stake in the whole project. Based on our agreement, the chosen homestead will be reserved under your name, meaning that you have the priority right to use it.
Master Plan of the area
Together with the architectural bureau Cosmos, we developed a plan for the development of the area