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Our land is situated in the north-east of Kakheti in Lagodekhi area, near Kveda Pona village.
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how to get BY TAXI

Contact us on or write in our telegram @Bookings_Chapiteau and we will send a car for you wherever you are. Usually trip from Tbilisi takes about 2,5 hours.

how to get BY Marshutka (mini bus)

From Tbilisi to Chapiteau - Station of the minibuses is on the other side of Isani Metro station. You need to ask the driver to drive you to Chateau Chapiteau, since Baisubani is the village nearby, and there are no direct Mini buses coming to Chapiteau. Normally every driver knows where it is, so don't be shy to ask : ) Drivers don't speak English, so feel free to ask any Georgian/Russian speakers to help you.

From Chapiteau to Tbilisi - You need to call the driver in advance, (book a place and tell how many people depart) so they can pick you up from Chapiteau. Marshrutka comes right to the gate of Chapiteau to pick you up and usually arrives 10 mins later than scheduled. If for some reason you decide not to take marshrutka, you need to call and cancel. The last stop of the route is Isani metro station.

The office number of Baisubani Marshutka (mini bus) station: (+995 592 050 499)

Tbilisi - Baisubani(Chateau Chapiteau)
08:40 - Driver Paata - 558355381
12:00 - Driver Zaza - 577734198
16:30 - Driver Giorgi 555494853; OR Pavlika - 593907448;
17:40 - Driver Zviadi - 599714045

Baisubani(Chateau Chapiteau) - Tbilisi
09:30 - Driver Giorgi 555494853; OR Pavlika - 593907448;
13:00 - Driver Paata - 558355381
16:30 - Driver Zaza - 577734198

Ticket price is 15 Lari

how to get BY car

We are located in the north-east of Kakheti in Lagodekhi protected area,
close to Kveda Pona village.

Coordinates for navigator: 41.853562114045864, 46.11034130753782
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